Sunday, January 19, 2014


          So, get this: Today we were hanging out at a few thrift stores (one of our favourites is Find, on Free Street in Portland Maine), and we were approached by a really cool street photographer and blogger, and she asked to take my picture!! Check out her awesome Tumblr: for inspirational ideas on cool outfits.
          This is a cozy outfit that I'd wear on any other chilly day of the year. Camo boots, the coziest socks around, thick spandex, mittens made from recycled sweaters, a pullover fleece (which is from a Passion Pit concert), a vest, and an incredibly warm infinity scarf. Don't be afraid to not match! Most of these cloths are actually thanks to my most wonderful older sisters.
          So here's the really fun picture that Laura took. Again this snazzy tumblr is: be sure to check it out! :) 


Have a great night <3
.... and keep your glass half full.

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